November 6-10

Invited Speakers

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Dussart, Remi             GREMI - Univ Orleans – CNRS                 DT1 01        Salon D
Microdischarge integration on silicon based devices

Uchida, Satoshi           Tokyo Metropolitan Univ        DT3 01             Oakmont Junior Ballroom
Numerical investigation of interactions between reactive oxygen species and biological membrane in atmospheric nonequilibrium plasma with molecular dynamics

Maguire, Paul             University of Ulster                 ET1 01                         Salon D
Solvated electrons and plasma -- liquid chemistry in plasma exposed microdroplets

Kinoshita, Keizo        Photonics Electronics Techn. Res. Assoc.   ET3 01   Oakmont Junior Ballroom
Etching for new devices

Pasko, Victor               Penn State University              ET2 03             Duquesne
Modeling and simulation of lightning related transient luminous events at high altitude in the Earth's atmosphere

Wang, Mingmei          TEL Techn. Center, America      ET3 04          Oakmont Junior Ballroom
Atomic Layer Etch: A concurrent plasma modeling and process approach

Ma, Xinwen     Institute Mod. Phys., Chinese Acad. Sci.    FT3 01      Oakmont Junior Ballroom
New type of asymmetries in two-center interferences observed in ion-molecular collisions

Nagy, Ladislau             Babes-Bolyai University          FT3 02             Oakmont Junior Ballroom
The effect of projectile wave packet width on the fully differential ionization cross sections

Campanell, Michael   Lawrence Livermore Natl Lab                        FT2 03             Duquesne
Hot-cathode-current mode transitions

Charlton, Michael       Swansea University     JW3 01            Oakmont Junior Ballroom
Fresh Insights and Initiatives in Low Energy Scattering Processes Involving Antiparticles

Buckman, Stephen      Australian National Univ     JW3 02    Oakmont Junior Ballroom
Gaseous positronics -- Cross sections, scattering dynamics and applications for low-energy positron interactions with matter

Franek, Jim                  West Virginia Univ                  JW2 05            Duquesne
Single emission-line-ratio techniques for correlating reduced electric field, electron energy distribution, and metastable-atom density in a pulsed argon discharge

Bartschat, Klaus          Drake University         KW1 01            Salon D
Will Allis Prize for the Study of Ionized Gases: Electron collisions -- Experiment, theory, and applications

Go, David B.                University of Notre Dame       MW1 1            Salon D
Field emission and its effect on micro-discharge formation

Starikovskaia, Svetlana           LPP Ecole Polytechnique         MW2 03          Duquesne
Kinetics of nanosecond discharges at high specific energy release

Taccogna, Francesco  CNR-Nanotec P.Las.M.I. Lab   MW3 05          Oakmont Junior Ballroom
Multi-dimensional PIC modelling of crossed-fields low temperature plasma devices

Martin, N.L.S.              University of Kentucky            QR3 01            Oakmont Junior Ballroom
Free-free experiments: the search for dressed-atom effects

Adamovich, Igor          Ohio State Univ                       QR2 03            Duquesne
Electric field measurements in nanosecond pulse discharges in air over solid and liquid dielectric surfaces

Ambrosio, Marcelo     Kansas State Univ        QR3 04            Oakmont Junior Ballroom
Double ionization of helium by electron and proton impact. A Generalized Sturmian Functions approach

Fursa, Dmitry       Curtin Univ of Technology             RR3 01             Oakmont Junior Ballroom
Adiabatic-nuclei calculations of electron and positron scattering from molecular hydrogen and its ion

Chen, Xiangjun            Univ Sci. & Techn. China     RR3 02    Oakmont Junior Ballroom
Fragmentation dynamics of simple molecules by electron collision

Lee, Hae June              Pusan National University       SR1 01                         Salon D
An advanced particle-in-cell simulation parallelized with GPUs for a capacitively coupled plasma reactor

Foster, John                 Univ Michigan-Ann Arbor       SR2 03                         Duquesne
Understanding the plasma-liquid interface: Progress and challenges

Gibson, A. R.    University of York, UK                         SR3 05                         Oakmont Junior Ballroom
Tailoring charged particle distribution functions and chemical kinetics in non-thermal plasmas using multiple frequency excitation

Teunissen, Jannis        KU Leuven, Belgium                SR1 06                         Salon D
Modeling streamer discharges in strong magnetic fields: from particle to fluid

Eremin, Denis             Ruhr-Univ Bochum                  TR1 01             Salon D
Particle-in-cell simulations of instabilities in magnetron plasmas

Schneider, Ioan F.       LOMC CNRS, Le Havre Univ   TR2 01             Duquesne
Electron/molecular cation collisions in low-temperature plasmas: From mechanisms to rate coefficients

Weltmann, K-D           Leibniz Inst., INP Greifswald   TR3 01             Oakmont Junior Ballroom
Therapy and decontamination by plasma sources

Shuman, Nicholas       Air Force Research Lab           TR2 02             Duquesne
Kinetics of transient species with cations and electrons

Robert, Eric     GREMI, CNRS/Universite d'Orleans   TR3 04             Oakmont Junior Ballroom
Plasma jets and electric fields delivery on targets relevant for biomedical applications

Macheret, Sergey       Purdue University                   WF1 01            Salon D
Plasmas for Reconfigurable Radio-Frequency Systems

Kitano, Katsuhisa         Osaka University                     WF3 05            Oakmont Junior Ballroom
Peroxynitric acid (HOONO2) is the key chemical species of plasma-treated water for effective and safety disinfection