November 6-10

GEC Constitution and Bylaws

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Call for Nominations

Call for nominations for GEC General and Executive Committees

The GEC Executive Committee welcomes nominations, including self-nominations, for both the General Committee and the Executive Committee.
Becoming a General Committee and/or Executive Committee member provides a unique opportunity to participate in GEC governance and future conference direction. General Committee and Executive Committee members decide on selection of special event topics, invited speakers, abstract-sorting categories, arranging the technical program, selection of meeting sites, and budgetary decisions. Please review the GEC constitution for details.

At the GEC Business Meeting, new members of the GEC General Committee will be selected (the nominees must be attending the Business Meeting). General Committee meets once a year during the GEC annual conference. The Executive Committee meets twice a year: during the GEC annual conference and during the summer at the Abstract-Sorting Meeting in College Park, MD, USA.

The 2017 Business Meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 8, at 12:00 after the group photo. Written proposals to host future GEC meetings are encouraged and should be discussed with the Chair of the Executive Committee. The General Committee reviews all proposals and makes the final site selection. The selected host is then elected to a 3-year term on the Executive Committee as Secretary-Elect, then Secretary, and finally as Past Secretary.

Call for invited speaker recommendations for the 71st GEC

At the 69th GEC in Bochum, the GEC Executive Committee solicited recommendations for invited speakers from GEC members. About half of invited speakers at the 70th GEC were recommendations then converted into nominations by the Executive Committee. In advance of the 70th GEC in Pittburgh, the GEC Executive Committee will solicit recommendations for invited speakers for the 71st GEC from GEC members. As specified by the GEC constitution, the Executive Committee will make the final selection of the invited speakers at the 70th GEC. Invitations to submit recommendations will be sent by email, along with a link to the submission web site. Please only use the web portal for submitting recommendations.