November 6-10


The following half-day workshops will take place on Monday 6 November:

(1) Linking theory & experiment
(2) Linking academia & industry
(3) Practical challenges for industry
(4) Scientific Paper Writing Workshop, led by Dr. Bodil Holst*, Professor, Head of Nanophysics Group, University of Bergen. This will be a 3.5-hour morning workshop, starting at 9am, plus or minus 30 minutes.

The Scientific Paper Writing Workshop has two main goals. Firstly, to provide the participants with a set of “tools” helping them to present their scientific results in a clear and interesting way and, secondly, to make them aware of various strategic issues connected to paper writing (in which journal to publish, cover letter to the editor, etc.). The workshop is presented in English. The participants are encouraged to bring drafts of own papers, in particular an abstract for at least one paper, but this is not a prerequisite.


Workshops #1-3 have no cost to the attendees, but pre-registration is required. The cost of Workshop #4 is $50, payable upon GEC2017 registration.

*Please consider buying her book Scientific Paper Writing - A Survival Guide, illustrated by Jorge Cham from PhD comics.

Dr. Bodil Holst
Professor, Head of Nanophysics Group
University of Bergen, Department of Physics and Technology
Allegaten 55
5007 Bergen, Norway
Fax. +47 55 58 94 40”